About Us

Cam Hali has been in operation, since 1982 and specializes in the production of high-quality woolen-spun yarns and in a short span of time, has become a well-recognized woolen yarn manufacturer in Europe.

Cam Hali initially concentrated on the production of woolen yarn spinning for the carpet industry. However, with recent investment into the latest technology and manufacturing machinery, Cam Hali has expanded production into finer woolen yarns as well, which are used in the production of upholstery and blanket manufacturing. Currently, the production capacity sits at 250 metric tons per month, with 80% of the goods being exported to well recognizable manufacturers, from all around the world.

Furthermore, the company has also expanded operations with Pine Textiles Ltd, since 2009, as an extension of Cam Hali as well.  www.pinetextiles.co.uk

At Cam Hali, we prize our efforts in producing top-quality woolen yarn, with the help of the latest manufacturing technologies, while giving due respect to sustainability and environmental considerations. Our primary focus is to obtain the most out of the wool fibers that nature has made available to us, thus motivating a culture of sustainability and maintaining a low impact on the environment.

Customer Oriented - We aim to work for our customers; our woollen yarn production is primed to cater to our customer’s woollen yarn needs and in the process inspiring them to produce the best quality market-ready products. We are proud of our extensive knowledge and quality assurance of woollen yarn manufacturing, giving our products a global reputation as a customized woollen yarn supplier. We work closely and in tandem with our customers at pre and post-sale periods, ensuring that our customers have access to our vast knowledge and manufacturing expertise, so that our products inspire them to achieve their best. Thus, for our customers, everything is customizable, that’s the value we guarantee to add to their products.

Yarn Engineering – As yarn engineers, we work tirelessly in order to research, innovate, develop, and incorporate newer technology and manufacturing practices, in order to provide our customers a distinct edge over their competitors. This drive of utmost customer satisfaction motivates us to extract the most out of the materials that we use, thus enabling sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our customers. We customize our products to meet the specifications of our customers, making it our business to see our customers thrive that is why our yarns match our customers’ needs exactly. Our technical experts understand fibres and their manufacturing process; thus we take it up as our priority to upgrade our manufacturing process to produce finer counts, which benefits in higher quality and productivity. Thus, being true to yarn engineering, we strive to finding the latest technological production advancements and implementing them, which shows through the products that we deliver to our customers. We don’t just settle; our goal to be the finest yarn manufacturers in the world. We don’t just fill in orders but we build long-lasting relationships, working closely with our customers to reach their goals.  

Quality – It is a known fact that any quality woollen yarn is reliant on the quality of the fibre source; thus at Cam Hali, our sourcing is constantly under review and as a result, we only procure the very best quality raw materials. Furthermore, our yarn manufacturing faculty in Usak is equipped with the latest technology machinery that enables us to produce the best quality products at all times. As a result of our innovative methods of production, we are able to offer and produce many different yarn types and styles, starting with a count range from 0.5 NM up to 12NM.

Environment – It is imperative for our company to create a sense of responsibility for the resources that nature has provided us. Thus, we ensure our production practices are compliant to ¨Oeke-Tex Standard 100¨. Furthermore, we make sure that our staffs are well aware of the environmental issues that may impact our business. We feel obligated to inform and involve our business partners and suppliers on these issues; thus creating an environmentally responsible business culture. We always give preference to products and services which have a minimum or reduced impact on the environment.